Monday, September 26, 2016

Having fun with Selvages

While I was rooting around for some photos, I came across some hot pads I had finished this summer and realized I had not blogged about these.  

We were invited to a friend's cottage for an overnight stay in July.  Another mutual friend also joined us. We had a fabulous time catching up and enjoying the beautiful weather, swimming, boating, playing Scrabble, etc.  I had to test a few sewing machines and wanted an easy project so cut out some 8" squares of scrap fabric and a square of batting and covered them with selvages quilt as you go style.  That worked slick.  I dug out leftover pieces of binding from other projects and chose selvages to match those colours.  After stitching the selvages onto the batting base, I added a backing and stitched the bindings on.  I joined a couple of friends one evening and hand stitched the bindings down while they worked on their projects.  I got seven of the eight finished and the last one was stitched at the cottage :-).

Found some fun leftover binding strips in my bin :-)

I started with a strip in the middle on the diagonal ones and added selvages to each corner

Half of them were done in straight lines...the navy blue one was not finished yet.
 I gave four of them to each friend at the cottage.  They had a hard time choosing the colours LOL.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Baby Quilt

Last night we had another shower for one of the young girls in our Church who had her first baby.  We had an enjoyable time with the ladies of our Church, young and old :-).  You know you're getting old when you have to identify 14 different baby foods in jars and there are names that you've never heard of in the mix!!  Needless to say, I didn't win that game LOL.  

I made a quilt for the baby and also finished off a UFO in the process.  I started this quilt 11 or so years ago after I took a class at the Quilt Rack in Ancaster where I worked for two years when my husband went back to school.  The class was called Lemon Braid and was a pattern from the book "Open a Can of Worms" by Debbie Caffrey.  I made a large quilt for my husband and then began experimenting with my scraps to make it in smaller sizes.  I finished the half braids and it languished in a drawer until I found it last year.  It's been waiting for a baby girl so I could finish it.  I used a lot of fun novelty prints so it became a bit of an I spy braid.

I found this great print awhile ago and it was perfect for the back!

The finished quilt

swirly flowers in the sashing...great opportunity to practise them since they are not obvious :-)

The quilting on the braids was just a simple stitch in the ditch and a swirly motif in the braids.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Shop Hop table runner

In May, we loaded up a van and headed for a Quilt shop hop in the Kitchener/Stratford area.  We had a great time chatting along the way, going out for lunch and collecting our little packets of fabric pieces for a table runner.  At the last shop, we received the finishing pieces and the pattern.  
Alice and I decided to get together right away to put the table runner together so it wouldn't end up in the UFO pile.  I actually got it done that week, but forgot to blog about it. 

We received a 10" square of the small floral or the purple foral at each shop

The solid green and the purple stripe was given at the last shop along with the pattern

A close up of the quilting

The finished table runner has already been used quite often
 Thanks to Creative Sisters in Kitchener, Heart 'n Home Creations, New Hamburg, The Quilt Place in Shakespeare and Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe in Stratford for the fun day.  And, we ended up taking home a lot more than just the pieces for the table runners :-).

Saturday, August 27, 2016

More Pillows for Holland.....

Before going to Holland, I also made three Selvage Star Pillows for my two cousins and for one of my husband's cousins.  We stayed at each of these homes for part of our trip to Holland.  While I was at it, I also sorted out all my selvages by colours.  That really helped to make these pillows.  This is one of the patterns from Cut Loose Press. 

Here is the process of some of the selvage sorting :-)

I had three of these baskets...once you start stirring them they fluff up big time!

Grey pillow went to Jake's cousin, Martijn and Wilma

This one went to my cousin Corine and Bert

This one went to my other cousin Liane and Henk
Interestingly, everyone in Holland has these cute little chairs and each pillow fit perfectly with their decor and into their chairs!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Elephant baby quilt and pillows

We went to Holland for three weeks for vacation this year.  We had a great time exploring the countryside, enjoying the delicious Dutch food, riding their wonderful bikes and checking out the beautiful Churches and buildings in their historic towns.  We stayed with relatives and a friend, so before we left, I stitched up some gifts to take along for our hosts.  (Click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view.)

Baby quilt for my cousin's son's baby.  Jesley visited us in Canada 15 years ago so I thought Jumbo would be an appropriate gift for them :-)

A friend suggested quilting straight lines to make the elephant's skin look wrinkly

It was fun practicing free motion quilting on this quilt

The back featuring all kinds of Canadian animals

Close up of the animals
 Here are a couple of photos of the baby in Holland who received this quilt :-).
Baby Evie sitting on my lap, my cousin Liane to the right, her husband Henk beside Jake.  Baby's father Jesley on right with his sister Chantal behind him and baby's Mom, Mariska on the far left.  So fun visiting them in Jesley and Mariska's home in Holland!

Jake and I with baby Evie

We stayed with a friend of mine the first week we were in Holland.  She has four granddaughters so I made these four pillow covers for them.  Checked out the IKEA site in Holland for sizes for the pillow inserts and made them to fit.  Bought the pillow inserts in Holland so I didn't have all that bulk in the suitcase...worked great!  The elephant patterns are from Sew Fresh and the Fox is Elizabeth Hartman's pattern.  I used the Canadian Stonehenge line of fabrics.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Toby's Quilt

On Wednesday evening, there was a shower for a young Mom in our Church who had her first baby, Toby.  She was over for dinner a few months ago and I had her choose a fabric she liked.  She picked a lovely fabric called "Rusty and friends".  I used that fabric for the back of the quilt and chose solids to coordinate.  I used Elizabeth Hartman's pattern, Fancy Fox, and had so much fun making the different coloured foxes. (Click on the photo to enlarge for a better view :-)

This is the Rusty and Friends fabric with a coordinating print that I bought at another shop not realizing it was from the same line!
The finished fox quilt.
It was quilted with wavy lines with a King Tut variegated thread.
It was a good thing I had the mushroom fabric that matched as the quilt was larger than the backing fabric I had.  I found the green version of the mushroom fabric in a clearance bin at yet another quilt shop and used that for the binding.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Canada Day!

Just finished a long overdue UFO this evening!  In 2007, I hosted a Canadian block exchange on the Treadleon list (a group dedicated to using people powered sewing machines).  The exchange was open only to Canadians.  We had 16 participants and exchanged 6" finished blocks.  The blocks were signed with our names and the machine we used to sew the blocks.  We were encouraged to use a Canadian made machine or one with a Canadian connection if possible.

The exchanged blocks were put in a drawer and awaited inspiration.  They went through a move to a new house and were finally hauled out of the envelope about 4 years ago and put into a top.  The aim was to get the top done before Canada Day.  The pinned top was buried in a basket of UFO's and I would come across it at various times during the year with no incentive to work on it at the 'wrong' time of the year LOL.  I came across the pinned top again in May and hung it over the back of my sewing chair so it would not go "out of sight, out of mind".  Last week, I sat down and quilted it over a couple of evenings, using if for practising free motion 'stitch in the ditch' quilting.  The binding was just finished tonight!  I hope to use it as a table topper for a July 1 celebration of thankfulness for being a Canadian!  My block is the sailboat in the top row.

The finished quilt - rather busy, but Canada Day is exciting :-)

Found this perfect backing.
 Closeup photos of the blocks in the quilt: